NASA Kennedy
The Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape Canaveral. The stars on that flag are six-feet tall.

Go for Launch

Last month, I went down to Cape Canaveral to fulfill a childhood dream — watching a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center. I was chosen, along with a group of about 30 others, to receive press credentials as part of a social media program NASA runs to build enthusiasm for the program.

The launch, an ISS resupply mission using a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, was unfortunately scrubbed. We had a great time anyway, and our press credentials enabled us to see several things that would have otherwise been off-limits. I’ll write more about that soon.

Anyway, after several other scrubbed launch dates, the rocket finally launched today. Several of my compatriots from last month’s trip were able to make it down to watch from the NASA Causeway, and one even had the privilege of watching the launch from atop the gargantuan Vehicle Assembly Building.

While I don’t have a personal stake in the launch, as a lifelong space travel enthusiast, I’m immensely proud of SpaceX and its achievements. As NASA becomes more and more like the Space DMV, bogged down in bureaucracy and lack of funding, it’s up to private enterprise to continue innovating. SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are leading the charge, but there are numerous small companies doing amazing things as well.

In closing: well done, SpaceX. There were some great pictures taken of the event by Jared, who I had the privilege of meeting during last month’s trip, some more of which you can see here.